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All of the workshops below are for real people looking to make real change.

I often get asked about who is a right fit for therapy or if there something else they can be doing to learn, grow and create sustainable change. Workshops were created out of a response to these questions, out of a desire to want to give people something else, something more to think about and engage their wellness journey. Whether you have been in therapy for years or never been, these workshops are a great place to start. Hope you enjoy!

Feel Better, Live Better

Start here. This is where it all begins. Understanding how you feel and what to do about it so you can live into your better. An in-depth workshop focusing on understanding your fight, flight or freeze response to feelings, how your brain gets stuck in feeling patterns and how to replace these patterns with healthy behaviors. 45 minute video tutorial with 25 pages of notes, prompts and ongoing ideas for you to keep on working.

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Own Your Work

Whether you are a maker, a mover, a shaker or all the above, this workshop was made for you. Learn how to own your truth, build on your power, and move without fear. This video tutorial is for women working in any capacity... from just getting to started to senior partner, from MLM to executive. This workshop focuses on identifying your unique identity, building awareness of your strengths, overcoming fear and learning to own who you are in every room.

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Keep It Spicy

Let’s talk about S-E-X. That’s right we’re going there. This workshop is everything you didn’t know you wanted to know about doing the deed.

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