“Welcome to the Trailercast! Each week I will be sharing with you from inside my vintage trailer where I work as a therapist and share some of my musings on the human experience. I am endlessly fascinated and inspired by people. I love being a therapist and am deeply grateful for the intimate and beautiful work I get to do. I believe we are wildly capable of healing and making this world a better place and this is my attempt at doing that. Sharing beauty to invoke beauty. May you find yourself inside these stories and ponderings and be better for it.”

- Elyse


How Trailercast Began

Being a therapist can kind of be a killjoy sometimes.

People ask each other all the time, “What do you do?”. It is a formality, a way of getting to know someone, a starting place. When people ask me that question and I tell them, “I am a therapist” things usually go one of two ways: either they stare at me blankly, quickly recounting our conversation in their head to see if they have said too much, ask me if I am analyzing them right now and then clam up OR they see this as an opportunity to have a free session and tell me EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of their lives from the moment their mama gave birth to them and then ask my advice. Both reactions show me that people don’t really know what therapy is.

Sometimes people tell me about their families and who has gone to therapy and why, or about their neighbors or friends or anyone who they know who has gone to therapy and the terrible, awful things that justified them seeking help. Because you know, people only go to therapy for really messed up things. Which, again, makes me think that people also don’t really know what therapy can be for.

Most often, people ask me if that is a hard job. They assume that it must be depressing listening to people all day, they wonder how I separate the sadness or hardness of people’s problems from my own life and if I take my work home with me. They project themselves into this role and tell me they could never do this job. I agree with them. If being a therapist was like that, who would want to do it? So again, I think, people don’t know a lot about the work of therapy or what it is like being a therapist. And how could they?

I think Trailercast is kind of a response to all those things. A way for me to show people what therapy is like if they haven’t been and hopefully normalize it, give people a behind the scenes look so they might pursue therapy themselves and I also want to share my experiences from the other side of the couch to share how beautiful the work of therapy really is.


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"Through storytelling and questions I hope to inspire people to consider their own journey, find hope and pursue healing. I want to normalize the therapeutic experience, so that someone listening might say, 'I want to go sit in that trailer with that girl and dream together.'"



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