Change is possible and for everyone.

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One on One sessions are individually tailored work to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are making a life transition, looking for personal or professional growth, seeking an unbiased sounding board, or need a mental shift, One on One work can get you there. Honest, direct, solution focused.

Feel Better Workshop

The Feel Better Workshop is your place to access practical information focused on wellness, equipping you to feel better, so you can live better. You can experience these web-based wellness workshops from the comfort of your own home.


These personal retreats in Dana Point, CA are for people who feel overwhelmed, unclear or stuck and are looking for practical ways to feel better. I will take you through a process that flips the script on your core beliefs so you can feel confident, clear, and have real life ways to put what you learn into action. It’s a year’s worth of therapy in one weekend!




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Hi There! I am Elyse


Marriage and Family Therapist on a mission to get therapy off the couch and into the world so you can live the good life.

I bring practical solutions to everyday problems with a little creative magic and whole lot of truth. Wherever you are, geographically, psychologically, or spiritually, you can live into the good life. I can help unlock your limiting beliefs and build a healthier narrative that makes room for healing, connection and personal freedom. I have done the work myself and am living proof that change is possible and for everyone.  

What I do

I am the catalyst. Whether it is the intense work of healing years of trauma, or something lighter like personal coaching, understanding your relationship patterns and core beliefs that are keeping you stuck, I am your starting place, your spark. Our work will adapt to what it is you need at this season of your life. 

Who I help

Regular people, just like you. One of the biggest myths surrounding personal growth or therapy or self-help is that it is only for people who are really messed up. Don’t get me wrong, this work is definitely for those of us who have walked through unthinkable suffering, but it is also for people who are looking for some smaller shifts, a re-orienting or time of guided reflection and personal growth. Which is why I created a variety of options through one-on-one therapy and coaching, workshops with videos and downloads , and weekend retreats in Dana Point to meet you where you are at.

My story

I went to therapy for the first time when I was 10 years old. At this point, most people think, “What do 10 year olds need to go to therapy for?” Well, the short version is, we repeat what we don’t repair. My parents were in a tumultuous divorce, our family was in chaos and we needed help. Therapy was a safe place we could land to untangle the giant mess in front of us and learn some tools to stop this pattern. Over the years I have gone to therapy for pretty much everything else you could imagine: depression, anxiety, assault, abuse, grief, traumatic loss, premarital counseling, communication skills, family of origin dysfunction, trust issues, postpartum depression, personal growth, attachment and maybe my favorite reason: just because. Just because therapy is good and helpful and gives me perspective and I get to be in relationship with a healthy human who is also in process. Just because I need a place for my own work and process and stuff and pain and questions and things I need someone further down the road to help me with. Just because I want to do it differently then the generation who came before me and I owe that to myself and my children and their children. Just because I think therapy actually works and people actually heal and life actually gets better and now I am proof of that process.

My own experience in therapy changed the trajectory of my life. I finished college, went to grad school, and started working as a therapist in 2008. Since then it has been my mission to normalize therapy, to get it off the couch and into the world. I started a podcast to give a glimpse into the world that is usually stuck behind HIPPA compliant doors. I believe that when we know better, we do better and the more access we have to stories and examples of people doing it better the more likely we are to join in. Wherever you are in your own story and human experience, you are welcome here.


You are worth the journey to a good life.