The Plan

(Tentative Schedule of Events Subject to Change)

Day One: Going Wild

We jump in the first day with understanding our wild - where we have been, what has led us to where we are, and what is just on the other side.

Activity: Jungle Sensory Exploration + Experiential Movement

Day Two: Taking Wild Deeper

Next, we want to explore what is underneath, what is uncovered, what cannot be seen unless we go in, go under and recover what has long been buried within us.

Activity: Ocean Adventure + Scavenger Search

Day Three: Taking Wild Higher

With our renewed vision and core understanding of what is within, we want to gain a birds eye perspective on both our story, our wild place and where we want to go.

Activity: Zip Line Course + Perspective Shift

Day Four: Taking Wild Further

You didn’t come all this way to get comfortable, we want to challenge your limitations and help you to think bigger, live larger and embrace your wild.

Activity: Low Ropes + Inversions

Day Five: Taking Wild In

Integrating all the work of the week, we will focus on both our internal coming home to ourselves and preparation for our actual return home.

Activity: Labyrinth, Massage + Experiential Embodiment