Change your life in a weekend. Really.

Hi There! Really glad you are here, because this is where we get into the good stuff.

Weekends are personal retreats for women looking to do big work in a new way.

And since you are here on this page, this is what I know about you …

You have a deep longing inside you for something to change and you are ready to do something about it. You are curious, hopeful and wanting something more out of life. Good news, you’re not alone. For two years, I have hosted women from all over the country who are hungry for more, who want to be a part of real community and want to make real change.

I specifically designed Weekends for women who feel overwhelmed, unclear or stuck and are looking for practical ways to feel better.

When we feel better, we live better.

At Weekends, I will take you through my process to help you get unstuck and moving in the direction you have been looking for. Whether you need deep healing, or personal growth, or want a weekend away with other women on a similar journey, Weekends is a safe space for you to show up and do the work you need to do.

We will take an honest look at your personal narrative, both what you have inherited and what you have created. Our work is to integrate what serves you and flip the script on what doesn’t so you can get clear, confident and create sustainable change.

Sound good?

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Sign me up!