Change your life in a weekend. Really.

Hi There! Really glad you are here, because this is where we get into the good stuff.

Weekends are personal retreats for women looking to do big work in a new way.

And since you are here on this page, this is what I know about you …

You have a deep longing inside you for something to change and you are ready to do something about it. You are curious, hopeful and wanting something more out of life. Good news, you’re not alone. For two years, I have hosted women from all over the country who are hungry for more, who want to be a part of real community and want to make real change.

I specifically designed Weekends for women who feel overwhelmed, unclear or stuck and are looking for practical ways to feel better.

When we feel better, we live better.

At Weekends, I will take you through my process to help you get unstuck and moving in the direction you have been looking for. Whether you need deep healing, or personal growth, or want a weekend away with other women on a similar journey, Weekends is a safe space for you to show up and do the work you need to do.

We will take an honest look at your personal narrative, both what you have inherited and what you have created. Our work is to integrate what serves you and flip the script on what doesn’t so you can get clear, confident and create sustainable change.

Sound good?

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Sign me up!

 If we havent met yet …

Hi! I am Elyse.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist on a mission to get therapy off the couch and into the world so you can live the good life.

I specialize in real change for real people. I bring practical solutions to everyday problems with a little creative magic and whole lot of truth. I will show you how to change your limiting beliefs to build a healthier narrative that makes room for healing, connection and personal freedom. I have done the work myself and am living proof that change is possible and for everyone.


The number one question I get asked…

Is change possible?

But, I think the deeper question you want answered is this…

Is change possible for me?


Weekends was created out of a response to these questions. So that we can all answer with a resounding “YES”! I will take you through my process for direct, immediate lasting change so that you don’t have to wonder anymore.


Here is what people are saying about Weekends


What we will do together


Day One

Invitation + Initiation

We kick off the weekend with invitation and initiation. By integrating our whole selves (past, present, future) into our right now story, we ensure holistic work and build a container for sustainable change. We gather relevant parts of your story and begin to weave a cohesive identity narrative. Through a combination of individual reflection and experiential activities we initiate change.

Day Two

Contemplation + Conversion

We press into our core beliefs, history and future goals. We go on a contemplative walk and convert these beliefs into powerful statements that reset our self-concept. This day is full of lessons and activities that will help you unlock, transform and let go of anything keeping you from what you need to move forward well.

Day Three

Activation + Application

The third day is all about doing the thing. Taking everything we have built throughout the weekend and putting it into actionable steps that ensure real and lasting change. There is nothing more frustrating then good ideas that never amount to anything. Weekends will help you get into action so you can live into your authentic self in freedom and power.


The Fun Stuff!

We will stay together in a GORGEOUS home.

All your meals are provided for you and are customized to your preferences.

You’ll leave with personalized action steps to ensure lasting change.

Not to mention a swag bag full of goodies.

All The Deets

Total price: $3000. A $500 deposit will be collected during registration. While the deposit is non-refundable, should you need to cancel your registration, the deposit is transferrable to use for another of my services within one year. Complete payment is required two weeks prior to the WEEKENDS starting date. Monthly payment plans are available. Additional Options: Room Choice + Bed Upgrade + $150.

Location: Holden Beach, NC and Austin, TX.

Times: We will begin the festivities on Friday at 1 pm and wrap up Sunday at 1 pm. If you are flying in from out of state, I would recommend coming in the night before. Please make sure your flights allow for you to be present the entire weekend.

Early Bird Special

Discounted Price: They say the early bird gets the worm, and in this case that means you get $500 off the ticket price.

Room Choice + Bed Upgrade: On a first come first serve basis, you will get to choose your room and upgrade your bed selection from a twin bunk to a King. This means you get to choose if you want private accommodations or a room full of your besties for FREE.

Limited Edition Extras: The first 5 people to register will also get a Radical Wellness Consultation with me, valued at $450.



There are only 14 guests per weekend, which means spots go fast!

So check your calendar, call your girlfriends and get on it!!


So, are you ready to come enjoy a weekend with me in 2020?

I hope so!

The good life is just on the other side of this work.
Come join me for a weekend and let me help you step into the life you were made for.
Choose from the available dates below and let’s do this!

Sign me up!
Sign me up!