The Collective

a place to belong


There are few things I love more than gathering all the people I know and love into one place so they can meet each other and discover mutual greatness, or in other words a people potluck! In all my years in this work of healing and conversation I have been hungry for a way to create a space for people to come together and find their seat at the table.

One of the most central issues we are facing as people today is loneliness. So, instead of us all creating our own tables and trying to forge our way forward alone, what if we could all sit at one big table where everyone is welcome just as they are, wherever they are? That is what The Collective is, a place where your seat is saved, where there is room for all of the things that make you you, where you can be witnessed and championed, where we can learn together and wonder together and live life fully together. 

If this is speaking to you at all, I invite you to lean into that, to get curious, to be vulnerable enough to listen to the small voice inside you whispering, “courage”. You get to belong. How will you RSVP to the invitation of your one wild and precious life? I hope you say YES. Yes to big questions and even bigger possibilities, yes to yourself and letting yourself be known, yes to someone else as you build authentic community, yes to risk and being wildly capable of healing and being a part of this collective.

You’re invited. 


Membership Perks: 

When you join as a founding member of The Collective, you will receive:

  • Curiosity: I will meet you (monthly? Bi monthly?) for a LIVE Q & A where we will go deeper into each podcast episode, hear more from behind the scenes, and you get to ask YOUR own questions. You’ll be able to submit your questions in advance and nothing is off the table. Can’t make it live? No worries, you will receive a recording.

  • Community: In a private facebook group you will get exclusive access to people on a similar journey of honesty, self-care, and growth so you can build relationships with like-minded people.

  • Bonus podcast episodes and interviews that are ONLY available for this community.

  • The opportunity to speak into more of what you want to receive (guided meditations, suggestions for podcast topics, chance to be a Trailercast guest, etc.)

  • Monthly questions for your consideration, inspiration and application.

  • PLUS: Early access to registration for wellness events both online and in person, opportunity to win free tickets, discount codes and all the insider goodies!