Let’s get real - there are probably other people who are doing what you are doing - but none of them are you. And that is your secret sauce. Understanding who you are and how to work from a place of authenticity and truth will be what sets you apart in your field. 

Identity is built up of three components: how you see yourself, how others see you, and how you think others see you. 


We want all of these components to essentially reflect the same thing.

Let me show you an example:

Own Your Work - Slides.022.jpeg

When there is a discrepancy in our identity triangle, it gets destabilized and we end up over compensating out of fear of how others perceive us. Now, if we could level out that triangle to look like this:

Own Your Work - Slides.023.jpeg

Then we relax into ourselves, we don’t try too hard, and we can show up and play big because we believe we won’t be misunderstood, we have an accurate sense of self that allows us stay strong in our identity and who we really are. Do you feel the difference?


Draw your own identity triangle and consider how you see yourself in your business, how others see you, and how you think others see you. Then spend some time reflecting on how you can bring balance to this triangle and operate from a place of wholeness and strength. 


This is huge when it comes to being a woman in the workplace, whatever your workplace is. Being aware of who you are (we just did that with identity) will be your constant, what you do might shift or evolve over time, but who you are and your practice of yourself will be lasting. When you think of who you are (I would encourage you to get out a thesaurus and pick three words that define you when it comes to your business) you want everything you do to be put through the lens of you. If you are confident, engaging and motivated then you won’t shrink in a meeting and use your soft voice nor will you talk over everyone else and try to win the room because you know who you are, you are confident, engaging and motivated. So you can operate from a place of security, strength and clarity that allows you to be understood accurately and ultimately be somebody people want to work with. The goal here, is to practice this awareness of self (identity + your three words) and show up to every room as you. It feels so good to actually get to be yourself, the personal freedom that comes from this will allow you to give off that natural ease and confidence that comes from not having to be anyone else. 

Practice being aware of who you are. Don’t alter that for others. 

Listen, there is so much information out there for you on how to build your business well, simple strategies for success and a million things you can put into practice - but if you lack the confidence, motivation and awareness of who you are then all that awesome information wont do a thing for your business. What good is a quick guide to social media posting if you are afraid of what others will think when you push share? How will your email list strategy help you if you lack confidence in your content? The world needs every single one of us to show up to our business well, with our own voice and our own style and our own freedom flag flying! The Own Your Work workshop focuses on learning how who you are sets you apart rather than what you do, gives you practical ways to lean into your own experiences and share them in ways that will attract the right client base for you, and gives you a gentle booty kick to go get after this thing!

- Elyse