Trailercast Episode 080: Back to School

This week was a bit of a puzzle scheduling-wise. As Jesse (the hubby) and I were getting the kids ready for back to school, we didn’t have the normal amount of time it takes to produce a Trailercast episode. So I thought as we spent our Saturday here on the same beach we went to together in middle school, “what if we just sat on the beach and recorded our conversation?” So simple, so not perfect sound-wise as the waves crash in the background and the kids interrupt to do kid things, but absolutely a conversation worth having. A conversation about the kids going back to school, being a stay at home dad, personality, intentional parenting, and all the mom and dad things.


Jesse is the system maker in our household. He is excellent at making things happen efficiently. He has also been a stay at home dad the past month or so as he has been in between jobs. Noticing that the kids could benefit from a little one-on-one time, he came up with this genius idea that was 1. efficient and 2. a great relationship building idea for us and the kids. I was like duh, this idea makes total sense. Why haven’t we thought of this before? So because of Jesse’s brilliance, we took each of the kids on a one-on-one date to get school supplies and also to do something fun of their choosing (within the realm of possibility of course). The goal: not only efficiency because let’s be honest, taking three kids into target at the same time is total chaos, but also this gave us time to find a moment of meaningfulness before we all jump into a whole new season. We also made a goal to do a one-on-one date with each kid once a month on their birthdate number.

Then we talked about what it was like for Jesse as a stay at home dad (which he had also done before in a different way for about a 6 month period). Jesse summed up that whole conversation with an appropriately efficient statement about stay at home dads AND moms:

“We’re all heros. That’s the truth.” -Jesse Snipes

Ain't that the truth? It has been freeing to be able to let go of those expectations we had when we first were married about what we were each supposed to do in marriage. We are realizing our individual strengths more than ever and learning to allow each other to use those strengths without feeling obligated to do what the other person is just simply better at.

I have always loved summer, clearly. But I do also love school. Jesse is maybe a little different:

Elyse: “i’m so excited. It’s like the first day of school.”
Jesse: “you mean like Christmas?”


A few announcements:

Radical Wellness Collaborative is offering online group coaching. I love that anyone from anywhere can join in and join the conversation about some of these topics. To find out more head over to this link:

Aurora Allen and I are doing our second Mind + Body event this September. We will be integrating yoga and woven speaking about active restoration. It is gonna be incredible. You don’t wanna miss it. Check it out here.