Episode 074: Let's Talk About Sex Baby! - Interview with Celeste Holbrook

I had such a fantastic time interviewing Celeste! We started out the conversation with the understanding that there are at least three camps of people with different views on the subject of sex and spirituality: the spiritual people who don’t really get the idea of an erotic God, the people who don’t think spirituality has anything to do with sex, and the ex-pats who have migrated from traditional ideas of church and are moving to a more freeing space that is a little more taboo. Whatever camp you are in, you are welcome in this conversation. We play with the idea of sensuality as very innocent, almost toddler-like, where it is about collecting sensory data rather than a performance. We chat about sex as an experience, quality over quantity, sex and “selfishness”, sexual traumas, and orgasms.

More About Celeste


Dr. Celeste Holbrook, a sexologist, speaker and author who has dedicated her life to helping women achieve soul-centered sex through planned mental and behavioral changes. She inspires women to move through mental blocks surrounding their intimate lives to truly experience the sex that was spiritually designed for her. Hundreds of women have changed their relationships by following the sexual and spiritual strategies that Dr. Holbrook has created and tailored specifically for them. Her favorite moment is the spark that appears in a woman’s eyes the instant her sensual confidence is re-awakened.

Celeste: “You can definitely love fierce orgasms and Jesus. Like, that is all okay.”

Elyse: “Can we own that? Without shame, without fear, if that makes me weird, makes me other, makes me masculine? That’s something that that gets thrown around too. Like, no, I can, in my feminine power, love orgasm and that doesn’t make me masculine or manly. Orgasms do not belong to men.

Celeste: “Preach! They do not have the corner market on orgasm.”


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Which camp do you belong to?

How has Celeste and Elyse’s words opened you up to your own sensual power?

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