Trailercast Episode 077: Changes + Dreams

Change. It is a dreaded word for many. It gets us out of our comfort zones. But being out of our comfort zone can also bring the opportunity for great growth. I always try to approach my work in new, innovative, modern and radical ways. It’s the idea of looking forward, always making the best of what I’ve got, and doing it with gusto.

I recently have had a bit of change happening around me.

“I want to have the opportunity to embrace, to focus, to kind of move towards this change in a way that invites compassion for self, room for all the feelings, and to be able to see what’s next. And if i can hold surprising change in that way, then I feel like it gives the opportunity for rebirth and for dreams, for expansion ultimately.”

The first change, the surprising change, is that in 2020 my Weekend retreats will no longer be held in Dana Point at the location they have been. You guys, this is my favorite work! It is so special and almost magical that I have gotten to do this here. I’m taking some time to really re-work this and see what is to come next. If you have been wanting to sign up, now is the time. I have 3 spots left for September and that will be it.

The next change is a planned change, a dream, a moving forward. I believe that wellness truly is about the whole human. The mind, body and spirit all take part in this. This is why I have gathered a group of talented and wonderful people to create Radical Wellness Collaborative. If you are interested in looking into how you can get quality care for your whole self, check out our brand new website . We have fantastic people on the team including licensed therapists Jen Hershey, Kirsten Yackley and myself, yoga instructor and health coach Aurora Allen, and spiritual director and theologian Bonnie Lewis.

“Ultimately, when you seek to create change, go all the way. Go all the way.” Dream your biggest dream you guys! And go after it!

Where in your life is their change happening? How are you leaning into that change and packing the biggest punch with it? Where can you dream bigger?