Trailercast Episode 073: Rapid Fire Questions From IG

This week on Trailercast, I answer your rapid fire questions from Instagram! There is a really great community of people here who ask brilliant questions, so occasionally I like to open up the podcast to you IG people and create an episode answering your questions.

So without further ado, let’s see a snapshot of a few of the topics on this week’s episode.

Listener: “I can’t stand my sister-in-law. Do I just fake it because she is family?”

My answer: “You don’t have to love her. You don’t have to like her, but don’t let her make you less because you don’t like who she is. So just because she is - whatever, fill in the blank, there is probably a million reasons why you don’t like your sister-in-law - but if you give her your power and allow her to make you mean or stingy or reclusive or rude, then you have just regressed. So I wouldn’t say faking it is the answer. I’d say it’s being you, exactly who you are in that room, regardless if she’s there or not. So don’t let her make it all about her and then you change who you are in response to that. Forget her!”

Listener: “Are you ever worried your honesty will ruin your business?”

My answer: “I just want to be who I am and be honest so that way people have a consistent experience of who I am. Also, I think it would be too exhausting to try to be anyone else or anything else. Also, I think it attracts, it is like laws of attraction. I want to be in honest relationship with people and I want people to be honest with me so it only would make sense that I would put that out there because that is the type of people that I want in my life, in my work, whatever. And as far as it ruining business, no. No. I think that there is a whole world of people that crave something real.”

Listener: “Are there other options that aren’t therapy for those of us who don’t have money for therapy?”

Yes, absolutely! I challenge you to rethink your idea of frequency. If you can’t go every week or couple weeks, it is still wonderfully valuable to try it on a less frequent basis. Additional options could include finding some great books. A good one to start with is The Road Less Traveled by M Scott Peck. Also, I offer online workshops which are great resources at a very affordable price. Check those out here: We live in such a tech friendly world. You can even follow awesome therapists on Instagram who are posting great content!

Other topics covered include co-parenting, my personal relationship with my dad and forgiveness, spirituality, orgasming, infertility, ways to get back on track and overcome anxiety, caregiving, affairs, trusting the process of therapy, and so much more.

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